Friday, 30 August 2013

Queen of Tartan and Brit School Student

I started at the Brit school on Thursday and so far it has been super amazing. I've met loads of new people and hopefully I'll meet more (and I love putting on my own clothes every day!). I didn't take a picture of what I wore the first day; I was in such a rush in the morning but here's a picture of what I wore today.
I got this shirt from my mum but I wore it as a dress as its quite long and then I paired it with my lilac jellies. Oh and I got my student ID badge today- that means student discounts!
Today we had to create hats made out of paper to represent what is going on in our minds. Everyone said that my hat was really cool so I thought I'd show you guys a picture.

Over the bank holiday weekend I went to Nottingham to visit my family there and for my cousin's christening. And omg Nottingham is so cheap. There's loads of charity shop and there's an outlet store which sell clothes cheaper than a charity shop would- I need to find one in London.
I got these from the outlet store and I'm in love with these wedges but I have to share them with my mum. I bought the shoes for £5 and the top for £2 (yes you read right).
I'm kinda in love with tartan so when I kind these in a charity shop I had to buy them. The cardigan was £2 I thinkable and the skirt was £4 ( it comes just below the knee and even though my mum hates it I loveee it). I think I'm gonna try to wear them together, it might be a bit too much tartan but I just have to try it.

I usually try to post something every day but now that I'm starting school that just won't be possible 😭 So I've made a schedule and will try my best to keep to it. From now on I'll be posting every Friday, Thursday and Tuesday.
Lots of love, Tiana


  1. The wedges are wickedly chic. Very nice.

  2. Aww so chuffed for you that the brit school's going well, you'd nothing to worry about!:D
    I'm SO jealous of your charity shop finds; ace bargains!
    Also your hat creation's very cool,

    1. Awww yeah I shouldn't have been so worried, I'm actually excited to go back on Monday :p and I've charity shops have the best bargains. And thanks :D

  3. Hey, I was wondering what you had to do at the workshop for visual art and design :)

    1. Do you mean the workshop for the audition? For that we were looking at identity and we had like an hour to draw something to show our identity

    2. Thank you so much :) I applied for visual art and design this year for year 10, and only made it to the reserve list, you're really inspiring and I love your work!

    3. Your welcome :) and awww thank you that is so sweet :) definitely apply again in for post 16. Lots of people who have been there since year 10 said if they redid the past to years they would go to a different school to get better gcses and then come :) good luck whatever you choose to do x


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