Monday, 19 August 2013

Diy Fashion Folders for School

I buy about 2 or 3 fashion magazines every month (no wonder I don't have enough money for clothes!) and my favourite thing to do after reading them is to cut out the pictures I like and then use them for inspiration for my outfits or designs. I now have a huge bag full of runway pictures, editorials and really random things like butterflies so I thought I'd find a use for them and here it is.

1. Choose your pictures and cut them out. These can be from books, the Internet, photos that you've taken, anywhere that you find inspiration. 

2. Next start to stick your images onto the folders. I glued the larger pictures down first then filled the gaps with the smaller ones. Is your choice whether you want completely cover the background colour but I chose to let some of it show through.

3. I'm not actually sure what this thing is called but its used to cover books so they don't get ruined. You can find it at places such as WHSmith and most other stationary shops. Lie your folder onto the side with paper and cut around the folder. Peel off the paper and carefully stick onto the folder, over the pictures.

4. I chose to do my folders to a theme. I have:
A Cara Delevigne folder:

An Edie Campbell folder:

And a Chloe Grace Moretz folder:

I'm not even sure if I need these folders since I'm only doing English, French and art so they could just give us books but oh well. This was really fun to do so if you try it please send them to me ( and I may post it on my blog.
Lots of love,
Tiana x

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