Saturday, 30 November 2013

Too poor to buy Christmas presents...

It's less than a month until Christmas which means I'm going to be even more broke than usual once I've done my Christmas shopping. There are so many people that I want to give presents too and I just know I don't have enough money buy something for everyone. So I came up with the ingenious idea to knit everyone scarves! Each scarf only costs about £3 worth of wool and 3/4 days of my time. 
I've made 5 already and each one is special and unique for the person I made it for. Although it is kind of a cheap way out of buying everyone presents, I love how personal they are. Maybe next year everyone will get a hand knitted hat :p
Lots of love,
Tiana x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I like shiny pink things

I started my day wearing this.

I based the outfit around the tartan skirt which I made but I've never actually worn since it went horribly wrong. By covering the mistakes with a plain black jumper, it's sort of wearable. Even though I was terrified that the skirt would just fall apart half way through the day. I bought my belt from a charity shop for about £2.00 I think...
By the end of the day I was wearing this:

I found this AMAZING pink maxi skirt in one of the fabric baskets at school and I love it! Every time I look down I just feel so happy. Unfortunately it has a massive rip at the bottom so I'm going to have to cut it but there is no way I'm throwing this skirt away. It's my princess skirt :)
Lots of love,
Tiana x

DPMO- Don't Piss Me Off

Please someone tell me where I can get this top.
I NEED it omg

Monday, 25 November 2013

I want the applause the approval the things that make me go oh oh oh

I know, song lyrics as title is so cheesy but I just can't stop listening to Lorde. If you haven't heard of her you need to listen to her music. Search her on YouTube or soundcloud :)
Sorry for the rubbish mirror pictures but here's what I wore to brick lane today. I wore a black and white striped maxi dress, loads of rings (obviously), my new brooch and a 'top' which I made from a pair of tights. All you have to do is cut off the feet and crotch and voila you have a new sheer top. 
I don't have any pictures but the food in Brick Lane is ridiculous. There is so much variety and everything looks so good, it almost makes me wish I wasn't a vegetarian ahaha. I'm studying Twelfth Night as part of my English ALevel so I bought the book and also a purple jumper with a kind of Christmassy scene on it for only £5!
Lots of love,
Tiana x

Friday, 22 November 2013

Animals are my friends...

... And I don't kill my friends.
Every year millions of animals are brutally murdered and their deaths are then glamourised in he name of fashion. Animals such as minks and foxes live in cramped cages until they are killed, often gassed, electrocuted (anally or genitally) or their necks are broken. Often these methods do not work and the animals awaken in the middle of having their skin being peeled off...
Snakes, seals, alligators, tigers, horses... Millions of animals each year are killed so that you can stay warm or even worse just so you have something that is considered chic to wear.
I do admit however, that fur lclothing does have a certain elegance and sophistication to them but even just the thought of wearing one literally gives me shivers.
Stella McCartney is the fashion goddess of animal free clothing. She doesn't use any fur or leather. None of her products are tested on animals and it is even checked that the glue they use does not contain any animal products.
The fact that McCartney has created such an iconic brand without bringing harm to animals, just makes it harder for me to understand why most of my favourite brands still find it acceptable to use animal products in their clothes.
I know this one blog post isn't going to mark a major changing point in the fashion world but if I make just one person think about this topic and encourage them not to wear fur then I'll be beyond happy. And who knows maybe they'll influence someone who influences someone else and I'll have started a revolution!
I hope that one day, when I have my own fashion brand, I will have a bigger voice in the world which I'll use to change the hedonistic way we kill animals.
And for anyone who is a hardcore animal lover you need to buy this jumper.
My friend recently bought a t-shirt version of this and it's just the most adorable thing ever and I will soon own one as well and then we can match :p
Lots of love,
Tiana x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Jingle Bells, jingle bells...

Gosh it's been a long time since I've blogged but I'm definitely going to try to start doing it more often. My mum has been bugging me to write my Christmas list for ages now (so Santa has time to make my presents obviously) and I finally have. I'm not sure why, maybe I'm a total geek, but like half the gifts on my list are books...
One thing I really need  is 'The Teen Vogue Handbook'. It's a guide for teenagers on how to make it in the fashion industry and with narratives from legends such as Anna Wintour and Marc 
Jacobs I really need this book. It came out a few years ago but the reviews are brilliant and who cares if it's a little 'old'
Another book that I'm lusting after is Alexa Chung's new book 'IT', a play on her being known as an 'It Girl'. I adore Alexa Chung and I just want to see the beautiful blush pink book siting in my bookcase.
Perks of being a wall flower is one of my favourite books and films and it really upsets me that I haven't got either so those are definitely on my list.
Unfortunately it's got to thrive of year when it is wayyy too cold to wear my jelly sandals and even though I so desparately want another pair, I've decided its time to get a decent pair if trainers. This will shock most people but the closest thing I have to trainers in my shoe collection are my converses. 
I love love love these trainers from a brand called Saucony and they're only £49.99 which I just found out is a bargain in trainer world.

Recently I've fallen in love with Lorde, she's literally all I've been listening to for the past week so obviously I'm going to need someone to buy me her CD Pure Heroine :p 
Oh and yes I'm a Miley Cyrus fan so yes I really want tickets to her bangerz tour next year!

 Finally another book. 
I found this quote a few days ago open Tumblr a few days ago and it just reminded me of so many relationships I've been in. I found the novel that it's from and it is called 'I need you more than I love you, and I love you to bits'. Ugh such a beautiful name for a book. I just have to read it so even though I'm not entirely sure what it's about I don't care, all I know is that I MUST read it.
So if you're thinking of buying me a present here are some hints :p
What's on your Christmas list?
Lots of love,
Tiana x

Friday, 8 November 2013

Ootd 8/11

Yesterday I started college late so I had a few hours to spare in the morning. I haven't made any clothes recently so I decided to make a top. I already had the pattern from something else I'd made so it only took an hour to make. 
Lots of love, 
Tiana x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Marc Jacob's Muse

Dakota Fanning is one of my favourite actresses ever. I guess because I saw her growing up at the same time I was. This Marc Jacobs campaign is just perfection, it's from 2007 so it's quite old but I don't care I love it.
At the time Dakota was only 12 and had already starred in dozens of films. "Marc loves her as a character and thinks she is beautiful and a great actress," said Robert Duffy, president. "He loved the idea of having this young, small girl in the clothes, and we made them in her size to shoot her in."
I like how they have a 'dressing up in mums closet' feel and it's incredible that they specially made the clothes to fit her. Just imagine Marc Jacobs specially fitting clothes for year at only 12 years old!

The images caused a lot of controversy, some think it borders on paedophilia and don't understand why a child is wearing women's clothing. I understand why people would think that but I get a very nostalgic feel from them.
What do you guys think?
Lots of love,
Tiana x

Ootd: Back to School

After a busy half term it's finally time for college to start again and I think for the first time I was actually quite excited to go back. I've had such a busy half term and it's been great having more time for blogging but I'm also enjoying college.

Here's what I wore for my first day back. I bought this turtle neck yesterday from a charity shop for £3.00 and I love it. It's really warm and soft and I love the colour. 

I also bought this really cute bee brooch.

Also I've had those wierd tartan fabric for ages which my aunt gave me and I decided yesterday to make a cute mini skirt out of it. I've cut out the fabric and once it's finished I'll do a tutorial :)

Lots of love,
Tiana x

Friday, 1 November 2013

Kate Moss's first shoot

Kate Moss is an icon, you'd have to be living under a rock not to know who she. Here's where it all began.
In 1988, David Ross was asked by friend Sarah Doukas of Storm models, to film a group of girls applying to be models. Kate was one of those girls. At just 14, Kate took these stunning photos and now they are on display at the Lawrence Alkin gallery in London from 31st October to 3rd November. I think I might go on Sunday if I have time, of course I left all my half term homework till the last minute :s
Lots of love,
Tiana x

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