Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Best Dressed film Characters

Clueless is one of my favourite films and never fails to put me in a good mood: it's my go to movie whenever I'm feeling a little sad. One of the best features of the film is obviously the costumes so I thought is do a post about my favourite iconic fashion film characters.

1. The Girl from The Seven Year Itch
Although I hate that Marilyn's character doesn't even have a name in this film, I really do love the clothes that she wears. She looks fab in her girlish pleats and polka dots but she still manages to look incredibly sexy. 

A simple pleated skirt and a girly crop top to show off some skin are without a doubt what I think Mariln Monroe would wear today. Match with heels and of course red lipstick.

2. Susan from Desparately seeking Susan
Although the plot of this film is quite wacky, Madonna character Sally, is one of my favourite film characters. She's sassy, confident and completely irresistible and this is all shown through her dress sense, especially her inability to hide her bra.
As long as your bra is on show through some sort of lacy, sheer top you're half way there to dressing like Susan. Just add some black trousers, biker boots and although I forgot to put it in the outfit, you definitely need a bow (Susan wears a lot of bows).

3 Sandy from Grease 
A character who shows her personal changes through her style is Sandy. From sweet, naive girl to sophisticated, sexy woman- Sandy made that change that all teenage girls wish to make.
To dress like Sandy you definitely need to stick to tight, black clothes with some gold accessories. I changed her red heels for doc marten boots and her leather jacket for a really cool faux fur coat.

4. Cher/Dionne from clueless
If I could be any film character it would have to be one of these two although Cher's virtual wardrobe desparately makes me want to have her life. Both girls are sassy and intelligent with the most incredible style. 

This outfit is probably more Cher than Dionne (she would definitely add a crazy hat) but I really want to wear it, and I'm nearly there! I ordered these shoes from Office yesterday and I'm so excited for them to come! I updated the tartan suit to a skirt and did Cher's classic layered look with a plain white shirt and navy crop top. And obviously I could miss out the staple 90s backpack. 

5. Holly Golightly from breakfast at tiffanys
Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, is the epitome of glamourous style. Her wardrobe is minimalist and basic but absolutely iconic. In the film, she wore the same black four times but accessorised it differently every time that you don't even care because it's like a new dress each time. 
I love the simple black turtle neck and paired with a black satchel, striped skirt and of course some pearls you'll emulate Holly Golightly. Don't forgot a black hat, the bigger the better (size does matter!)

Which characters in film do you wish would lend you their wardrobe?
Lots of love,
Tiana x

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Obsession with: Lupita Nyong'o

I am slightly obsessed with Lupita Nyong'o...
She's just so beautiful and her style is absolutely impeccable. She's one of the stars in the recent film '12 Years a Slave', which I have to admit I've not yet watched ( I know the shame) but I will watch it soon, maybe...

HOw is SHe so StuNnig??
Lupita in Ralph Lauren at the Golden Globes
Lupita Nyong'o was born in Mexico but moved to Kenya when she was one. She  has directed a documentary called In My Genes, a documentary about the treatment of the albino community in Kenya and immediately after graduating from Yale university in 2012, she was cast in 12 Years a Slave. Since then, Lupita has won a Screen Actors Guild  and Critic's Choice Award  for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. She's been in several magazines features including Dazed and Confused and is one of the new faces of Mui Mui.
The new Mui Mui advertisement ( It's ridiculous how much I want those shoes)

Lupita as the face of the Dazed and Confused Girls rule the World
Lupita Nyong'o
Dazed and Confused
Tavi Gevinson
Tavi Gevinson was also featurred in Girls who rule the World
From Lottie With Love 2
Lottie Moss in Mui Mui in Girls who rule the Worlds

Friday, 24 January 2014

Chanel Couture Show SS14

The Chanel Couture show might just be the most beautiful collection that I have ever seen.
The set: two enourmous, glistening white staircases which Karl Lagerfeld described as being 'an ice palace, a nightclub on another planet'. With Cara Delevigne opening and closing the show, the models pranced and skipped down the stairs, light as fairies in couture Massaro trainers (yes there were trainers on a couture runway!) worth around £3000 each. 
Even though Coco Chanel hated uncomfortable clothing, especially corsets, Lagerfeld felt that 'it was time to see the waist again. Underneath crop tops and matching low waisted skirts, corseted midriffs were revealed. 
Towards the end of the show we saw gorgeous gowns covered in feathers, sequins and pearls. The models glistened in iridescent fabrics, sprinted around the set. The show was closed in the tradition way: Cara in her wedding dress with a page boy to match. 
This show reinforced my love for fashion and fashion design: I literally can't imagine doing anything but making clothes that could maybe one day be this extraordinary. 

I love the elbow and knee pads to further show the sporty side of a Chanel girl
I love the girly, pastel colours, especially the middle light blue one

I MUST have this dresses in my wardrobe, they are fascinatingly beautiful. 

I love the iridescent tube dress that Lindsey Wixon is wearing.
Cara Delevigne in her undtraditional but gorgeous wedding dress

I hope you love the collection as much as I do!
Lots of love, 
Tiana x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Spring Trends

It's almost spring and it still hasn't snowed... I remember when people were spreading the implausible idea that we were going to have 100 days of snow and now its the end of Winter and we didn't even get 1 day of snow in London.
Since spring is almost upon us, I thought I'd do a quick recap of the trends that we saw on the runway in September and some affordable alternatives to the designer clothes. Please don't take this list as a complete guide on what you have to wear in the next few months; think of it more as a few points of inspiration rather than me or the runway telling you what you must wear.

1. Pop art
This is a great way to get some really bright, bold colours into your wardrobe, even Anna Wintour is trying out the look

Prada, Celine, Chanel, Prabal Gurung
T-shirt from Zazzle £13.95, Skirt Asos £19.50

2. Pink
For a perfectly ladylike look, pink is definitely the colour you need to wear.
Burberry Prorsum, Mui Mui, Balmain

3. Metallic 
In metallic, even the simplest of clothes look glamourous.
Proenza Schouler, Rochas, Altuzurra
Blouse Topshop £38, Skirt River Island £95, Leather Boots Topshop £65

3. Floral
It definitely would not be Spring without Floral being one of the trends. 
Dolce and Gabanna, Alberta Ferreti, Balmain
Blue Dress Asos , Black and White Dress Missguided £24.99

4. Embellishments
Add beads, sparkle and lace for some extra glam in your outfit.
Oscar de la Renta, V era Wang. Burberry Prorsum
Black shorts Topshop £50, Embellished Skirt Romwe $35.99

5. Graphic prints
Black and white prints are a big statement but for even more of a wow factor add some colour like in Alexander McQueen.
Edun, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen
Patterned coat Zara £69.99, Wide leg pants Forever 21 $17.80, Neon crop top Lashes of London £15

6. Sheer
This is the perfect way to show off some skin but still stay covered up. 
Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim
White panelled dress Zara £12.99, Black midi skirt Asos £35, Black skater dress Romwe $42.99

7. Crop tops
Time to hit the gym and get those abs ready for summer of crop tops. 
Narsisco Rodriguez, House of Holland, Diane von Furstenberg
Blue  crocheted top Forever 21 $17.80, Black sheer top Forever 21 $13.80, Pink Top Topshop £32

8. Pastels
The great thing about pastels is that the colour choices are endless so there's something for everyone.

Alexander Wang, Rebecca Taylor, Prabal Gurung
Jumper Asos £20.00, Mohair Coat Zara £129.00, Asymmetric blue skirt Missguided £12.99

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