Sunday, 1 September 2013

Larissa Bruin Answers My Questions!

Most of you probably know Larissa as the owner of From Hats to Heels, a fashion blog know around the world. Larissa's experience as a stylist in Amsterdam and her need to seek the extraordinary, has given her an amazing sense of style. Larissa one of those people who make anything she wears look effortless and that's why I wanted to get to know her on a more personal level. Here are some questions I asked her.

Why did you start your blog?

I've always had a lot of clothes, of which some were only worn once or twice. So when I heard of blogging I thought that that would be a great way to capture my outfits. Since writing has also been a hobby of mine, blogging is thΓ© best way to combine the two.

Stilettos or wedges?

Stilettos. I think that wedges are handy for long walks or long nights, but overall, I think that heels should have sex appeal and I find that stilettos are more sexy in general.

Definitely agree there but I can rarely last the whole night in stilettos πŸ˜‚
What inspires you?

I find my inspiration in all kinds of things. From other fashionable people, to my culture, to my environment, to achitecture. And since this is ever changing, my style is versatile and evolving.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I would love to go to Bali, for the peaceful culture and nature. From what I heard it must be very different from the Western world we are living in. I would love to experience a life in which the daily structure is so different. On the other hand, I would love to go to Sweden (or somewhere else in Scandinavia). I think they are far ahead when it comes to fashion. I'm curious about that.

Ooh nice. I'd love to visit somewhere like Bali.
Favourite summer accessory?

My favourite summer accessory would have to be any statement necklace. I love to wear it with basic tops. It can really complete an outfit.

Favourite musician?

Hard one! I think that both Beyonce and Rihanna are great. And I basically love every song that Ciara and Miguel have made. Adele is amazing too!

Great choices, Rihanna is a babe and I'm going to the same college that Adele went to; maybe she'll come perform for us πŸ˜„
What do you do when you're not blogging?

(I'm almost never not blogging :-p). When I am not blogging, I am either working or having a good time with my friends. I love city trips, (fashion)events, watching movies, listening to music and of course shopping.

During summer I was blogging all day every day, I'm gutted that I won't have as much time now that I've started at college.
 What is your favourite fashion magazine?

My favourite fashion magazine is Vogue Paris. I love the Parisien style. Their haute couture inspires me much.

I've seen pictures of Vogue Paris but there aren't many shops here that sell it...
Now for an obvious question, do you have any advice for new bloggers?

If you really love blogging, you should dedicate to it, stay true to yourself and never give up. Be out there! 

Thank you for answering all my questions and hopefully we can stay in touch.
What do you guys think of Larissa's blog?
Lots of love,
Tiana x

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