Monday, 8 July 2013

Photo Wall Inspiration

I've recently been thinking about how I want to redecorate my room and yesterday I started painting. I'm going to have white walls, a white wooden bed and a really long desk where I can study but also do my artwork. One thing that I have been dying to have in my bedroom is a photo wall. I started off just thinking about doing a collage but now I've decided to to buy loads of different sized white frames and display the pictures in them. I got my inspiration from a blog I follow on Tumblr (

I've got most of my pictures from websites such as tumblr and pinterest; here are a few that I'm considering to us :)

I've got loads more and I'm still looking, cant wait to see it when I'm finished :D The photo wall will be right above my desk so that they can give me inspiration whilst I'm drawing or painting or whatever.
Tiana x

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