Monday, 22 July 2013

Battersea Car Boot Sale

On Sunday I went to Battersea car boot sale. Established in 1999, it is one of the most famous boot sales in London and unlike many you can find an amazing range of vintage, designer and high street items. You literally buy anything there, from old marvel comics to a Ralph Lauren coat to a weave! One of the most important things to remember at a car boot sale is to not be afraid to haggle. At first I was nervous about it; thinking that it may come across rude to ask for a lower price but I got everything for at least a £1 less than the seller had originally asked for :D
I went with my aunt and we both agreed it would definitely be worth going again. Overall I spent £27 and bought some new purchases.
Probably won't wear this coat for a while but it's beautiful and was only  £10
I don't know if it's meant to be reversible but it looks so fashionable this way!
This bag is gorgeous- got it for £5 down from £6 and it's fairly big so I can use it for school.
I love this cute satchel, it was only £3. The print is so nice- it has llamas on it :D
This top is quite big and my mum was like what are you going to wear it with? Then I showed her 3 ways you could wear it and she was shocked so I might do a post about that later. This was £2
I have no idea what I'd wear this with but it was £1 and the detail on it is gorgeous so I'll find something. 
I've been looking for some flatforms for a while and these ones are perfect. They're plain black so will go with loads of outfits which is exactly what I need. Got them for £4
I love classic books and there were loads for £1 each. I bought 'Of Good and Evil' by Ernest Gann and 'The Venetian Affair' by Helen MacInnes

So whether you can get down to Battersea or not I'd definitely recommend going to a boot sale. As you can see I found loads of amazing things for super cheap prices and good quality as well :)

Tiana x

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