Friday, 19 July 2013

Outfit of the Day- Brit School Induction

 Yesterday I had my induction day at the Brit School- no I'm not going to be the next Adele or Amy Winehouse. I'm going to be studying visual arts and design! I'm quite a shy person so I literally sat by myself until someone spoke to me.
We did this wierd speed dating kind of thing to get us to talk to each other and we all got a post card to draw something about the people we were talking to. It feels really wierd that I'm going to a new school and that I'll have to submerge myself into a completely different group of people...
Showing off my artistic talents ;)

I really like it at the Brit School; everyone is so unique and different and it's just a really creative environment.
Even though it's Summer the work has begun and we've already been set our first project. I usually hate summer homework but this project actually seems like it could be fun. Our task is to fill an A5 sketch on all things vintage but we're not allowed to use computers or the Internet :'(
I've been looking for some vintage markets around London so I can't wait to go to them and I'll tell you how my project progresses.

Tiana x

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