Friday, 5 July 2013

My Wardrobe- Favourite Items

So I thought I'd do a post that showed you a little more of me and who I am. I went through my wardrobe and chose all my favourite pieces :)

These are a pair of vintage sunglasses that I got from a car boot sale for about £2 I think.

I also bought this skirt from river island at a boot sale for only £2.50- bargain! I love shopping at car boot sales because you can find a mix of vintage, designer and high street clothes for super cheap prices.

This is my absolute favourite coat ever. Although I can't wear it with loads of outfits since the colour is really bold, I love it so much. It's got a really cute peplum around the waist and a Peter pan collar. I got it from Topshop about 2 years ago.

This rucksack is also from Topshop. I remember when I first saw it; it was love at first sight. The great thing is that because Topshop changes their stock so regularly, I've never actually seen anyone else with this bag!

I really like this skirt, I got it from the H&M sale for £10, down from about £25 I think. I love the lace and colour- its girly but can be dressed up or down really easily.

My JuJu jelly sandals are my most treasured possessions. I had a pair when I was about 3 years old and now at 15 it's like relieving my childhood. They're so comfortable and only £20 (or £25 if you get ones with a heel). I only have lilac ones at the moment but I also want them in black, pink and clear.

Tiana x

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