Monday, 20 January 2014

Street Style Inspiration

I started a fashion course last Saturday with a company called Fashion Futures. They take us through the whole design process, from research to making a toile. We have a series of workshops including life drawing and print making and at the end the 20 best people get chosen to make their designs in the correct materials and then we'll have a show at London fashion Week in September! How amazing is that! The course only costs £150 but if you apply through your school then hopefully they should be able to pay for you. So if you're going to be in year 12 or 13 next year and you live in London or Manchester then I'd definitely reccomend that you apply next year. 
Our first homework was to look for inspiration in street style around the world and I found so many amazing outfits so this is going to be a longggg post. 

I loved this balenciaga skirt when I first saw it on the runway and I love it even more on Anna Della Russo.

Who knew these sanders could be so fashionable :s

I never thought that I'd want a black tutu but now I feel like I NEED one...

I love this patchwork denim dress.

I remember when Molly Goddard first came out with her Asos collection, I think I did a post about. I could never had guess that someone would've worn this pink tutu type over dress like this but I like how original it is. 

I would never wear these shoes, just sit and admire them :p

Ugh this dress is so beautiful it makes me kind of sad.

She really makes me want to wear a suit.

This Louis Vuitton dress would look perfect on anyone. I like how she kept the accessories really simple.

This is just so pretty and I love her cat eye sunglasses.

The shoes though <3

All black is the way to go, wish her shoes wear black as well but she still looks quite fab.

I like the girly shape of this top.

I'm wearing all white tomorrow, I'm not even joking ahaha

This is would the male Tiana would wear.

Hope you loved these street style looks. Which ones do you like the most?
Lots of love,
Tiana x

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