Monday, 13 January 2014

Blogger Interview: Rachel Farrell!

Rachel Farrell is a vintage loving, 15 year old fashion/beauty blogger who had an extremely successful year in 2013. Rachel started her own fake nails business, she was a finalist for the Irish Young blogger Award and has been Kiss magazine and many other blogs. I love her style and how she mixes thrifter, vintage items with a modern twist.

Here's my interview with her :) Make sure you check out Rachel's blog by clicking here and her fake nails business by clicking here.
Obvious question but why did you first get into blogging?
I had been reading fashion and beauty blogs for a few years, and read magazines monthly. Journalism in particular was [ and still is] my main career option and I knew I needed an outlet to express myself and practice my writing. One day, a couple of months after I made my blog, I just began blogging regularly!

Three words you would use to describe yourself?
Creative, mature and fun!

You're very interested in nail art and design. I love how you've started your own fake nail design business at just 15 years old. How did that come about? Do you have any advice for someone your age wanting to start their own business?
Ive been doing nail art for over 5 years now, so I started young. Ive always been a nail fanatic! over years Ive come to almost perfect my skills and a few years ago I did try offering nail painting services in my town, with no response. People always tell em they wish they could do my nails, so I figured why not do them for them? I called it RCouture Nails, [R for Rachel] and although its only beginning Im hoping it works out. I would just say go for it! Dont let people question your age and make you feel like youre not good enough- thats something I fight against. Just because Im young doesnt make me inexperienced!

You've have quite a lot of success in 2013 such as becoming a finalist for the Irish
Young Blogger Award, congratulations :) Any little secrets or tips to succeeding in blogging?
Aw thank you! That was quite a surprise, in all honesty. I would say to blog when you want, take clear photos- you dont need an expensive camera, just knowledge. Double check for spelling mistakes, and be friendly!

I read that you're an avid thrifter, me also, what are some of your luckiest thrift shop finds?
Probably a vintage clutch from the 1950s that I bought for €10, and also a pair of Kurt Geiger boots that I bagged for €3- score!

Finally, do you have any plans this year for your blog or are you just going to go with the flow?
Well, Ive already made a few changed to the layout, so that was one of the plans I had for 2014. I also want to gain more experience, keep improving my writing, use social media effectively and hopefully gain more followers!

Thank you so much for is interview Rachel and I wish you the best of luck in 2014!
Lots of love,
Tiana x


  1. She seems fabulous! Thanks for the introduction x

    1. She really is, you should follow her :)
      Tiana x


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