Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lavish Alice Bloggers Competition

I'd never heard of Lavish Alice before someone told me about this competition but I definitely won't be forgetting them any time soon. The competition is to design an outfit that you'd wear to London Fashion Week and the best one wins their outfit. There are so many amazing clothes that Lavish Alice sells that it was hard to choose one outfit but here's what I came up with.

I love the geometric dungarees, I don't actually own a pair and these ones are perfect. I also really like this style of shoe, New Look has a similar pair. The bright red colour really stands out and even though my toes would be freezing if I wore them to lfw it would so be worth it! Then I chose some retro sunglasses (even though I doubt it'll be sunny in February) and a blue clutch to accessorize. I'd also wear a plain white shirt or t-shirt underneath and loadssss of rings. 
If any other bloggers would like to enter the competition here are the details:
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Lots of love,
Tiana x

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