Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I like shiny pink things

I started my day wearing this.

I based the outfit around the tartan skirt which I made but I've never actually worn since it went horribly wrong. By covering the mistakes with a plain black jumper, it's sort of wearable. Even though I was terrified that the skirt would just fall apart half way through the day. I bought my belt from a charity shop for about £2.00 I think...
By the end of the day I was wearing this:

I found this AMAZING pink maxi skirt in one of the fabric baskets at school and I love it! Every time I look down I just feel so happy. Unfortunately it has a massive rip at the bottom so I'm going to have to cut it but there is no way I'm throwing this skirt away. It's my princess skirt :)
Lots of love,
Tiana x


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