Friday, 27 September 2013

Bye, bye Summer, hello Autumn!

Even though these past few weeks phase been all about Sprin/Summer 2014, Autumn is upon so I think we all need a quick refresher of some trends. I think Autumn is my favourite season; I love to see the leaves turn orange and yellow and it's warm but not so hot that you just want to be naked all of the time /:
I'm not really a massive fan of trends in general. It's quite asinine telling people what prints and colours shapes that they should be wearing. I hath ink you should use trends just as a foundation of your outfits but stills twist them and make them your own. Or just forget trends all together whatever.

My favourite trend is definitely tartan prints- I'm obsessed: 

I'm so happy it's in fashion so I can wear it as often as I want!
I'm not a massive fan of just wearing pink but I definitely think it's a fun way to add some colour to winter instead of just wearing typical colours like black, grey and plum.
I also love oversized coats but unfortunately I can't afford the ones from Stella McCartney that I really want but I got a perfect alternative at a charity shop for only £18.

Another thing that I need in my wardrobe is a pair of thigh high boots. I think they have a bit of a reputation to look a little slutty but I've seen them look so elegant and demure which just makes me crave them even more :p
What are your favourite autumn/winter trends?
Lots of love,
Tiana x


  1. great post, obsessed with tartans too. really liking super chunky style shoes.


  2. I'm looking for thigh high boots too!
    Awesome post :)


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    1. If you find any for a good price tell me :) checked out your blog and followed, x

    2. Tell me if you find any :) glad you liked the post. I checked out your blog and followed you x


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