Sunday, 29 September 2013

Arboreal Art- Raw Color & MKGK

Most of you probably don't know what arboreal means; don't worry, neither did most of my class when it were told that was the theme for our second art project. Arboreal means of or relating to trees.
For my art course, we're expected to do a lot of independent research so I've been trying to find some interesting artist to get some inspiration from and I discovered a wonderful piece called 'Temporary Trees' created by Dutch artists Raw Color and MKGK.

 The 'Temporary Trees' are a series of images which show the models throwing objects such as balloons, translucent scarves and strips of paper into the air to recreate the leaves on a tree. I love how the models make up the trunk of the tree, it suggests that trees are essential to use- they make up our core. I was literally just wowed when I saw these pictures and just had to share it with you guys. What do you think of this piece of art?
Lots of Love,
Tiana x


  1. Wow this is great! So unique.
    Adela x

    1. I know, I love it so much! I'm gonna check out your blog :) x


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