Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Solange Knowles: Style Icon

I'm almost certain that you've heard about Solange Knowles' little... disagreement with Jay-z but instead of focusing on her slightly crazy outburst, I've decided to show you how amazing and daring her outfits are.

Yellow is a colour that solange wears often and I can definitely see why since it looks gorgeous on her skin! I love that she wore this Christopher Kane ensemble exactly how it was shown in the look book and her bold choice to pair it with shiny silver pumps. 

THIS is how you wear all white. Sheer or mesh fabrics break up the white creating texture and adds depth to the outfit.

You can also accessorize with bold colours. 

Or wear clashing prints to create contrast

Solange's hair looks perfect here. It's not exactly an every day style but imagine running your hands through it!

Some people love how she dresses, some hate it, but I think it's brilliant how risky some of her outfits are. Sometimes I look at her and just wonder, 'What one earth are you wearing?' It doesn't really matter though, she will always be braver than a lot of use for her ability to wear such clashing prints, bright colours and to managing to follow trends but making them completely her own at the same time. 
I just hope Jay-Z is brave enought to face her again and they can sort out whatever the hell happened in the elevator!
Lots of love,
Tiana x


  1. Solange is literally everything. Theres a line in Flawless that goes "my sister told me how to speak my mind" and i think thats maybe the reason why Beyonce has been dressing a bit more better recently lol. Solange is able to make daring and inspirational fashion statements have you heard her True EP? Its amazing!

    1. Ahaha omg that's so true about Beyoncé dressing better, I'm glad solange has been giving her some tips :p I haven't actually heard any of Solange's music but I'll definitely listen to her ep :)
      Tiana x


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