Monday, 18 August 2014

Makeup Inspiration

I've never really been that interested in makeup, I usually just wear foundation, blusher, mascara and maybe some eyeliner. I'm always saving images like this onto my phone so I thought I'd gather them together and do a makeup inspiration post. They're all such different looks but I love them all, I think my favourite is the one of elle fanning or the last one with just a sweep of black eyeshadow. 


  1. thanks for the inspirational mu photos.

  2. Great looks. Thanks for the eye-dears ; ) Which reminds me I must practice with some new make-up

    Shimmena x

  3. Wow I love this such gorgeous inspiration

    My Fashion Blog

  4. The blue eye shadow is my favourite, I love colourful make up (if you've never checked out the tumblr 'powderdoom', you should :) its great for showcasing interesting make up). Also I like the dress you made in the post below, I wish my sewing skill were that advanced (or that I had enough patience for it, even after doing GCSE and AS textiles!)


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