Monday, 9 December 2013

Tumbl Wid Chiddy!

Chidera, or Chiddy is a previous student from my school, the Brit school and currently studies fashion design at London College of Fashion. I've never met her before but from what I've been told about Chiddy, her twitter page and her artwork she's genuinely such a talented, unique individual. I can't wait for her to start selling some prints of her artwork; I'd buy them all in a second! 
Chiddy's artwork is mesmerizing. I love her choices of colours and how they are kind of abstract but still so real. I don't know her, but I'd describe Chiddy as intellectual, funny and open. She answers questions like 'What do you want to be when you're older?' with 'a recognized creative' and others with completely random unrelated answers. If one day I'm half the artist she is, I will be an incredibly happy person.

Oh and her hair is utterly fabulous!

I think this is my favourite piece of art that Chiddy has done.

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