Sunday, 8 December 2013

East End Thrift Store Sale

Today I went to one of the most amazing sales you could ever dream of. East End Thrift Store is a vintage in East London and every few months they hold a £1 sale. That's right, you read correctly. A £1 sale. Jumpers, jeans, coats, skirts, dresses everything costs a £1. Some people definitely took this as an opportunity to restock their whole wardrobes. I literally saw people with suitcases, massive black bags, one girl was dragging two ikea bags full of clothes down the road!
Before I went, I was quite worried. Would the clothes be a decent quality? Was someone going to have a bitch fight over a dress they claimed to see first? And how long was I going to have to queue outside in the cold?
Luckily all of my questions had positive outcomes. There were a few stains and rips but overall the condition of them was pretty incredible for £1. I arrived about 30minutes after it started and I only had to wait outside for an hour or so. And thank goodness there were no crazy people looking to fight over clothes!
Although I didn't buy much I'm quite happy with what I did purchase. I walked in hoping to buy some jumpers and hopefully a few trousers or jeans. I didn't find any bottoms that I liked and were actually in my size but I'm really happy about the sweaters that I bought. They're also cute and after a wash (or two) they'll be ready to wear.
Whether you're a dedicated thrifter or you're just looking for a few bargains, I'd definitely recommend you to watch out for East End Thrift Shop's next sale.
Lots of love,
Tiana x

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