Friday, 14 November 2014

Susie Bubble: We’re past the point of coming up with new silhouettes – so it’s about finer details, innovation in textiles, rejuvenating old techniques.’

Susanna Lau is one of my favourite British fashion bloggers, known around the world for her unique style of voice and dress sense that she shares with hundreds of thousands of people a month on her blog Style Bubble. 

Yesterday, a friend and I went talk a talk she was doing in collaboration with the Dazed group and the McQ shop on Dover street. As two 17 year old girls wearing trainers and hoodies, we felt quite out of place in this world of high fashion, champagne and pointy heels.  I'm not quite part of that world (not yet anyways) but find I it so interested observing the people; how they dress so perfectly and move so elegantly. They're fun, exciting and daring!

Although I almost passed out during the talk from the heat and having to stand, I thoroughly enjoyed what Susie Bubble had to say. She talked about her views on the changing fashion industry, how the 4 main capitals aren't necessarily the only places where new exciting fashion is being created. Now there are new players in the fashion game such as Nikita and Tina Sutradhar, two sisters from Dubai who virtually came from nowhere and won a special mention at the LVMH prize. 

She went on to give us an inside scoop about the book that she's in the process of writing. Bubble has been travelling all over the world from Sydney to Antwerp, interviewing young designers, manufacturers and other creative talents that she admires. 

The night ended with free drinks, a brilliant DJ set by Mischa Mafia and a free copy of Dazed magazine, what more could I ask for?

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