Monday, 24 November 2014

"So I started hanging out with Rayanne Graff. Just for fun. Just ’causeit seemed like if I didn’t I would die ... or something

My So Called Life quite possibly had been one of the greatest teenage tv shows if only it hadn't been prematurely cancelled after just one season. Although it didn't last long, the few episodes that were made were so full of drama I could watch it over and over and still be just as glued to the screen as the first times watched it.

Most people who watch the show cling to Angela Chase, the main character. A saint in most ways who's looking for some excitement in her 15 year old life. Like others, I connected with Angela and pretty much understood everything she went through (from boy trouble to friendship changes to parents just suddenly getting on your nerves no matter what either of you do). But for me, Rayanne Graff is the name that will probably still influence the person I am 20 years from now.

 Rayanne is the not so social drinker who is given the title 'most slut potential' by her classmates, and proud of it! Even though Rayanne was a little but 'troubled' she really was a great person. Fearless, loyal and outgoing. All of these are words that describe not only her fiery personality but also her outrageous fashion choices. 

A mishmash of piled on layers of checked shirts, teeny bralets and tonnessss of accessories. Although Rayanne never directly spoke a out fashion, she clearly cared about how she looked. Details of her hair and accessories were constantly changing through out a single day and she pulled off such a free spirited semi-ugly look that is only possible when you're still young and care-free.

Style Tips From Rayanne

Hats are always a good idea
Especially if they're covered in gold beads and sequins ;p

Tie Dye t-shirts will never go out of fashion

Opaque tights in every colour are a must

Colour hair clippings and elastic bands spice up any hair style
Candy is the ultimate accessory 
Why not take flannel shirts to the next level but wearing one which is knee length
This photo pretty much sums up Rayanne, mismatched prints, oversized clothes and a crazy hat

Although her style isn't always tasteful, I admire Rayanne's brave outfit choices and outrageous personality.

Lots of love,
Tiana x


  1. I've never actually watched this before, but will be checking it out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Omg yes definitely do! If this post makes just one person want to watch MSCL I will be so happy <3
      Tiana x


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