Thursday, 6 March 2014

I need these things in my life!

I decided to refresh my Pinterest account; deleting some boards that I don't use any more and adding new more interesting ones. One is called 'Things I need in my life'. It's full of all sorts of lush clothes, outfits and accessories that will literally make my life complete. I love using Pinterest because it's such a fantastic way to collect all your inspiration and general images that you like into one place and I definitely recommend that you make an account if you don't already have one.
boyfriend coat - Fashion Squad

I absolutely adore this coat that one of my favourite bloggers Carolina fromFashion Squad wore. It's so chic and she wears it in such an effortless manner. Click here to check out her blog.
Pounce Premium Peep Toe Boots

These are such a pretty colour for prom. #TopshopPromQueen #Topshop #shoes #lilac

Obviously there are tonnes of shoes that I'm lusting after and these are just a few. My friend has these sandals and they are so perfect, I need to ask her where she bought them. I love this edgy boot from Topshop, I can think of so many outfits that I'd wear them with!

I saw this jacket on Kayla Hadlington's blog from a LOVE press day that she went to and I instantly fell in love with this jacket. I have no idea what I'd wear it with but gosh it's beautiful.


I think this outfit is absolutely stunning. I'm pretty sure that the skort is from Zara and I love how this girl is wearing a sparkly top for daytime, I want both the top and skort!

Are you guys on Pinterest? If you are leave your link below and I'll follow you :) 

Lots of lov,
Tiana x


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