Friday, 14 February 2014

London Fashion Week: Day 1

Today was an amazing start to LFW despite me getting absolutely drenched by the rain. My friend Lauren and I were lucky enough to get into the Daks show (which was incredible) and we saw some absolutely insane street style. Unfortunately we didn't get into the Eudon Choi show but even just being at Somerset House, there is such an amazing atmosphere. And we met the editor of Hunger magazine and a woman who works at Glamour amazing.

This woman's outfit was literally PAINTED onto her back! She must've been so cold.
I NEED a kilt like this omg it is so beautiful

She is the cutest lady I've ever met 
These two hats are epic

The Eudon Choi wasn't my favourite show but I love these three looks. I think the bright blue pants are fab, definitely a more sophisticated version of regular blue jeans

The Daks show was sophisticated and elegant, full of gorgeous camel and burgundy tones. I loved the traditional British pieces throughout the collection such as trench coats and those massive fur hats that the soldiers outside Buckingham palace wear. But then they were all shown in really original ways like the trench coat dress at towards the end. I also loved the metallic pieces in the show, especially the gold cape which I like NEED in my wardrobe!

Oh and Happy Valentines Day!
Lots of love,
Tiana x

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