Monday, 27 October 2014

The Last Great Adventure is You

As soon as my friend and I entered the vast, white space of White Cube and saw the glowing words 'The Last Great Adventure is You' we were in awe of Tracey Emin. Starting with a sequence of blue gouache nudes, the paintings seemed spontaneous, almost like a warm up exercise. As most of Emin's work, they are all self portraits, personal, and tell of story of how she came to realise that the 'you' she was talking about is in fact herself. 

Moving in to the next room, we were faced with what looked like the same paintings but on a much larger scale. After closer inspection we saw that they were actually embroidered, so cleverly stitched by Tracey Emin that's from a far they looked like paintings.

In the third and final room we were immersed in Tracey's world. Uncensored paintings of sex scenes, bronze sculptures of her body, others of birds and lions, neon lights telling us 'The Soul Will Always Do What It Needs To Do'.

The Soul Will Always Do What it Needs to Do

In all of the work on show, faces are left blank and through the use of colour and line, Emin's shows us that the human figure can be just as expressive as the face, if not more. The rough, unfinished lines evoke passion, pain, isolation...

Your Absence Only Makes me Love You More
Thought provoking, enticing and engaging, I highly recommend this exhibition to anyone who has the chance to visit. 

Lots of love,

Tiana x

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