Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Graduates Fashion Week

Graduates Fashion Week is the biggest showcase of fashion graduates and the final collections. It shows the work of over 1,000 graduates from some of the best universities in the UK and around the world. It is also a great opportunity for students hoping to go to fashion school, to see the work that the universities produce and a chance to speak to the students who go there.
Tickets are roughly £20 so if you didn't get to go this year I definitely recommend you go next year. A few weeks ago I did a fashion class with FAD and luckily they managed to get some tickets to the shows. I went to see the International collections, UCA Rochester and The Best of Graduates Fashion Week. All of the clothes were so unique so here are a few pictures from my favourite collections.

I need a coat like this for winter!

Lauren Lake from Kingston University

Ainslie Mackie from Bath Spa University and Norwich University of Arts

I love this dress, I couldn't get a brilliant picture but when she walked down the runway and the ruffled moved, it looked so beautiful.
Rebecca Rimmer from The University of Central Lancashire

Lots of love,
Tiana x

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