Sunday, 13 April 2014

Inspiring Blog Award

I want to say thank you to Alex for nominating me for this award, I'm so happy she likes my blog enough to think of me :) Click here to check out her blog!

Link the person who nominated you
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Share 7 facts about yourself
Nominate 15 of your favourite blogs and link them to your post
Let them know that you've nominated them

1. My favourite ever television show it Friends
2. I'm a massive thrifter. I rarely buy something that is over £15 and the most expensive thing I've ever paid for were a pair of boots which were £30 :p
3. I go to the Brit School which is where Adele, Amy Winehouse, Rizzle Kicks and loads of other musicians went. I'm not a singer though, I study Visual Arts and Design.
4. My bedroom wall is covered in white frames with pictures that I like, mainly from tumblr. I have everything up there from Kate Moss to pictures of  The Perks of Being a Wallflower film.
5. I love to knit. At the moment I'm knitting a little hat for my mum's best friend's baby! She's so cute <3
6. I have a massive collection of fashion magazines. I mainly have Vogues but I also get LOVE magazine and occasionally Tatler and Company. 
7. If I ever have a son I'll probably call him Alexander after two of my favourites people- Alexander Mcqueen and Alexander Wang :)

And finally here are my nominees:
Beatrice from The Fashion Cuisine
Visa from 1Finedai
Laura from LauraRibeiro
Oroma from O.R.R Blog
Hannah from Hannah Louise Fashion
Bella from Fashion Cult
Eden from Style and Beauty for Less
Serena from RYOKO GURL
Abbie from Fashion Tatt
Amie from British Couture
Rachel from Oh Hey There Rachel
Jennifer from Art Style Love
Debiparna from Fly Song Bird
Chiddy from The Slumflower
Julie from Raining Cake

These are all amazing blogs so you should all definitely check them out. Can't wait to see your answers!
Tiana x


  1. So cool that you go to the Brits! I'm such a cheap skate with clothes too, so satisfying getting bargains!xx

    1. Thanks! Bargains just feel so much better than full priced clothes :p Although I am saving up for a pair of trainers at the moment which are £50, totally worth it though!
      Tiana x

  2. Thank you so much! And I still re-watch Friends!

    1. Your welcome, and same. I have the friends box set!
      Tiana x


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