Friday, 18 October 2013

5 must have items for Fall

Sorry but I haven't been feeling particularly inspired at the moment I'm not really sure why but I'll get it back :)
Here are 5 items that I think are wardrobe must-haves his winter.

1. OVERSIZED COATS were all over the the runways this season from Stella McCartney to Max Mara to Louis Vuitton. They're perfect because they keep you extremely warm and although they completely swallow your figure, oversized items make you look smaller than you actually are.
For a cheaper buy check out Topshop's Boyfriend coat which comes in a range of colours, or if you're really cheap like me just pop into a charity shop and I can almost guarantee that you'll find one.

2. Apart from tartan, HOUNDSTOOTH is probably my favourite material. It can be really girly like in the Christian Dior show or made super masculine and funky like Comme Des Garçons.
The best place to find literally any item in houndstooth is definitely Forever21. Just search 'houndstooth' on their website and you could have an entire wardrobe just in that fabric.
At the moment I've got my eye on these gorgeous shorts but it's winter :(

3. Whatever mood you're in a FULL SKIRT can always make you feel like a princess. I fell in love with this skirt from Rochas; it's so elegant.
Of course this super girly skirt isn't for everyone but for those who are interested, you can get a more affordable skirt at Primark.
Although it lacks in volume, this black faux leather fabric makes a very ladylike skirt look edgy NAND daring plus it's more practical. Can you imagine trying to sit down in the Rochas skirt!

4. A good BIKER BOOT is one item that is essential for basically any time of the year. Prada paired them with provocative womanly clothes but biker boots can go with anything.
I bought my boots from New Look for only £30 and they are so comfortable and I definitely recommend you buying them.

5. Obviously I couldn't forget the good old JUMPER. And where else to find amazing jumpers without leaving the comfort of your bed but Their jumpers are unique and original, you'll never find designs like the anywhere else. 

Prices range from. About £25-£40.

Hope you enjoyed this list,
Lots of love Tiana x

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