Sunday, 23 June 2013

Thigh gaps, collar bones and hip bones

These three things have now become a new 'trend' and hopefully like other fads they'll soon fade away.
Unfortunately, too many teenage girls are starving themselves and over exercising to achieve unhealthy and mostly unattainable goals. Thigh gaps are not an indication of how skinny you are, but in fact how wide your pelvis is. And, believe it or not, its perfectly normal to have a few rolls on your stomach when you sit down- it's not fat, just skin.
I'm not going to list all the health problems that dieting and starving can cause because:-
1. You've probably heard it all before and
2. I know from experience that you probably don't care.
At the moment, I'm stuck between wanting to be healthy and yearning for that 'perfect' body that the media bombards us with every day. When I think about my life in a few years, I don't see myself be a neurotic girl obsessing over whether my thighs touch; I want to be a confident woman who's proud of her body even if it's not society's definition of perfect.

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